Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Girl in the Woods

Another Camilla Lackberg gem! If you are a lover of crime fiction, such as I am, be sure to check out the author's latest: The  Girl in the Woods. When 4- year old Nia, goes missing from her home, an idyllic country house in Fjalbacka, old memories are awakened: 30 years prior, right from the same country house, 4-year old Stella is found murdered. Subsequently, two 13-year old girls are convicted of her murder. Now, one is back in Fjalbacka, and she is a famous Hollywood movie star, while the other one, has never left and now lives a boring, almost obscure, existence. In this book, the eleventh in the book series, Detective Patrik Hedstrom, and his beloved wife Erica Falk try to uncover the mystery behind the two cases. Are they somehow connected? This book is far more gritty than the rest of Lackberg's books; its intensity lies in the writing of the plot. Lackberg paints a harsh picture of a community of total strangers, that are thrown together when tragedy strikes. I "devoured" this book in just four days, and I kept going back to it after I was done, like a detective returning to the crime scene. Who did it? Who could have been so heartless, and what kind of world are children being raised up in? 

Score: 10/10 Worth it!

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