Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Rottweiler

 A gloomy and atmospheric London

Inez Ferry lives a lonely life after the death of her beloved husband. She spends her nights in quiet desperation, watching life from the sidelines. She runs an antique shop on the ground floor of her home, but she is pulled out of her comatic state when the Rottweiler kills again, this time near her residence.
The Rottweiler strangles his victims, and after doing so, he takes an item off them. When one of the items turns up in Inez's shop, she finds herself questioning everyone around her.

Fleshed out really well, not wooden or decorative. Flawed in their own way, others dark, some deadly...

This book reads like an Agatha Christie novel, but that being said, I don't mean it's not original. The author, Ruth Rendell creates mystery, tension, suspension in stages. The setting is so well written that I felt I was there, the characters so well fleshed out, that I felt I knew them. I would say the book is more character driven, as the characters create the story, and if you like that sort of thing (like I do), then I recommend this book!


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